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IB Recycling is one of the leading companies in Albania specializing in advanced and specialized recycling of electronic scrap, electrical waste, and automotive waste.

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It’s not just a statistic — it’s evidence of our commitment to environmental responsibility and the circular economy.

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We are the #1 Recycling Industry in Albania.

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IB Recycling is a recycling company that has been offering its services for several years in the recycling sector of catalytic converters, various car parts, and different computer equipment.

Processing of Electronic Scrap
Exclusivity in Processing and Recycling
Recycling of Automotive Catalytic Converters
Recycling of Metal Scrap

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At IB Recycling, we are committed to providing high-quality and sustainable recycling services. This commitment is reflected through the various certifications we have achieved, which attest to our high operational standards and environmental responsibility.