The recycling industry in the past decade in Albania, has always been growing and has known many different factors that are dedicated to different recycling products.

  • We deal with the processing of electronic scrap and all electrical and electronic equipment.
  • IB Recycling recognizes exclusivity only to provide the Albanian market as the only company that collects processes and recycles car and different vehicles waste and exhaust catalyst (electronic waste).
  • Our company also offers computer recycling circuit and is one of the few companies that  offers this service by fulfilling the highest professional standards. The benefit of recycling is big enough and is one of the most responsive services offered in the global market and Albanians.
  • IB Recycling  feels responsibility for making the maximum for waste recycling machines and computer waste by the respecting, protecting the environment (and the law) from danger and potential damage of large scale pollution.

Our company works primarily to convert any material residue in a vital and accessible to the broad masses and different industries. Our equipment is one of the best technology ever seen in this industry, offering reliability in our services and rigorously.